Portable Press Elevator Tool EDC Door Opener

Portable Press Elevator Tool EDC Door Opener

Recently one of the most popular products are portable press elevator door handle key.

  • Hygienic handle antibacterial EDC door opener and stylus
  • It is a handle that can prevent viral infections, both hygienic and delicate
  • You can take it with you to open the door and go out on the elevator without worrying about unhygienic
  • I am afraid that the things others have touched are unhygienic. Our hygienic handle will solve everyone’s troubles.
  • Not only can you avoid touching and polluting yourself, but you can also reduce the risk of spreading bacteria
  • Can be used as bottle opener
  • Material: Aluminum alloy / Zinc Alloy / Brass
  • Contact for if any interest.

Portable Press Elevator Tool Hygienic door handle Antimicrobial Aluminum alloy EDC Door Opener Metal Door Handle Key

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