Custom Hard Enamel Pin Badge

Hard Enamel Pin Badge

Hard enamel pin badge are die struck pins, overfilled with enamel color and then polished down to create a surface that’s smooth to the touch. Hard enamel pins take a few extra days to produce, but it is worth the wait as the result is an exquisite custom pin. Due to the polishing process, sometimes small details can be tricky to see on hard enamel pins,we usual add UV printing on the surface to make it vivid right as the design.

Why Choose Hard Enamel Pin Badge

  • Custom hard enamel pin badge are usually called  Cloisonné pins and Epola pins.This technology can make the pins a smooth and shiny.
  • When you are looking for the highest-quality pin available, a hard enamel pin from Unilapelpin is your best choice.
  • These custom hard enamel pin badges are sure to leave a lasting impression due to their high-quality look and polished finish.We recommend hard enamel pins for all occasions, but especially for more formal events,like corporate pins,football club pins,  political pins or volunteer pins.

The Price Of Hard Enamel Pin badge

  • The price of Hard Enamel Pin badge includes three parts: molding(only for first time and can be refund if the amount is big) + unit price + Shipping cost
  • For this product, the more, the better. Price are not only based on the size, design, but also quantiy and technology.
  • We don’t offer the pricelist, as for factory, price is all different for each design. We can ensure the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE in this market.


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custom hard enamel pins

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Three Steps to Order

♥ Step 1: Free Quote:Send us your design or sketches,once you are happy with our prices, we proceed with your order. No hidden costs at all.

♥ Step 2: Free Design: We will email you a picture of how your design finally be.You can change it until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

♥ Step 3:Product produce and receive: Once Approved, we will begin to produce and send it to you right as they are ready!

♦ Totally 3-4 weeks from order to pin received.

Hard Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin02
Hard Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin01

Our Service for Hard Enamel Pin Badge

  • FREE adjustments Of the artwork
  • FREE proof
  • Minimum 1 PC
  • Unbeatable Price,no hidden cost
  • 100% quality satisfaction
  • 7 Days custom service in a week
  • Worldwide Shipping Directly From China
Soft Enamel VS Hard Enamel--unilapelpin

Hard Enamel

Shiny and smooth surface
More used in Formal occasion
Colors last much longer
Like Jewelry appearance

Soft Enamel

Convex Metal with enamel Color
Can add epoxy on the surface
Metal Lines can be thinner
Can be more Detailed and colorful

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