5 technologies for lapel pins

5 technologies for lapel pins

For lapel pins and lapel pins, there are mainly five technologies for that.

Metal pins always use hard enamel/soft enamel/epoxy/die struck and printings. Rubber PVC always choose the epoxy while Acrylic pins can only use printings.Here I list 5 different technologies for you to choose the right one you prefer.

1.Hard enamel(cloisonné): Hard Enamel Lapel Pins are one of most durable enamel badges due to the process that the enamel goes through. The stamped metal lapel pin is filled with a enamel that when baked it’s polished flat leaving a smooth flat surface. need help?

2.Soft Enamel: Soft Enamel Lapel Pins have the enamel placed in the recess of the stamped badge and when baked leave a nice dip which raises the metal above the enamel.need help?

3.Die struck: The process to create Die Struck Lapel Pins begins with the creation of a custom die of your lapel pin design. Then a sheet of copper, brass, or iron is stamped using the die, which creates a deep impression of your design in the metal. Cut-to-shape molds are made separately and used to stamp out the pin design impressions in the outline of the finished design. Plating the pins comes next. For this type of pin, the most common plating is high polished gold, nickel (silver), black nickel, and copper.need help?


4.Epoxy: An epoxy dome is a clear plastic coating that can be added to soft enamel, photo etched, silkscreen, and off set printed style lapel pins. By adding this item to a product, it provides a lustrous shine and protects your design from damage. An epoxy dome is an option not a requirement.  For soft enamel style lapel pins, it is an option or personal preference if you would like it applied or not.need help?


5.Printings: Now more and more badges are detailed and some even has gradient ramp. Normal enamel colors can’t make it perfectly as design. But printing can do that! We use UV printing and pad printings to make the badges/lapel pins more vivid and delicate.need help?

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