4 Things You Should Know About Enamel Pins Paper Cards

Some enamel pins have cards together in their package. It is very normal but also have something to consider of your design or your cost, or how it looks. We can see various kinds of cards in the market but still seems has no idea to choose. Here l will show you how to design the enamel pins cards and the things you may consider.

  1. About the size

Everyone can design a special paper card for his/her enamel pin. It can be big or small, and you can decide it. Here we only show some samples.

You can do any size paper cards for your badges. Here we talk is the most popular cards. The size is normally 1-2 cm(0.4-0.8inch) more than the badges of both width and length.

enamel pins paper cards

If you have your logo or brand on the top, it is better to have a space for the badges, and the pins are on the middle of the space.

enamel pins cards

If you have a specified scenario for your pins, we will adjust the size of the paper cards to suit your pins, it will look like it is there and can be totally an integral whole.

enamel pin cards

  1. About design

There are mainly 4 kinds of paper cards for enamel pins, vertical cards, cross cards, folded cards, and composite paper cards


The most popular type is vertical cards and cross cards. Typically, they are the same. When the design of the cards can combine with the enamel pins design, the effect is nice.

Folded card is more like greeting cards with badges. You can’t see it at very first sight but you know it is in. When it is open, then you get it. Another thing is that the pins can be protected much better than other way.

enamel pin cards

When hanging in the shopping mall, we always see some small jewelries or stationery are hung in a card package. There are two parts of the card also like below:


It looks more convenient for customers to choose. They don’t have to take it one by one. It is also a popular design of the enamel pins, look at here!

enamel pin cardsenamel pin cards

  1. About technology of the paper cards

1.Digital Printing:Only for the very small amount like 100pcs or even less. The color is not so accurate, and some small workshop can only offer 250G paper card. The sharpness is also not as good as the Plate printing. But the cost is the most economic.

enamel pin badge

2.Plate making and printing: If you card is over 500pcs per design, plate printing might be your first choice. For us, if our customers order is over 300pcs, we will choose this printing as it is more accurate and the quality is much better.

enamel pin badge

Silver or Golden foil printing:This can be used separately or combine with plating printing. The printing area will have the metal color and be more pretty. But the cost is also higher than normal.

enamel pin badge

  1. About Paper Card material:

For small badges or low quantity, we suggest 250G-300G white card with digital printing

For pin sets or big badge over 4cm, 300G white card will be much better.

And If you design is totally black on the bottom, we will choose the black card to print. The surface is not as smooth as the white paper card but it can show the design more accurate and pretty. If black card with silver, that will be like much more royal.

enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge enamel pin badge

If you need the 350G or heavier cards, you may have more MOQ than normal.

The pictures uplisted are designed by the author and we don’ t have the copyright.

we are professional for customized enamel pins and badges, if you have any inquiry, pls contact unilapelpin@gmail.com .

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