3 parts of Reliable Enamel Pins Supplier

3 parts of Reliable Enamel Pins Supplier

reliable enamel pins supplier

Most of the inquiries to UNIQ has a word “reliable”, so what is the reliable supplier for enamel pins? We are thinking of it and pushing us to be more and more RELIABLE for our customers. What we do are here listed:

  1. Competitive Price

Please notice, competitive is not the CHEAPEST price in the marker, we all know, most time, cheapest means TRICKY inside.

And as enamel pins are custom made product, the price from different factory are all different, some times the difference is over 50%. But there are also some standards for the price composition:

  • Molding: from 60 USD, the bigger, the more expensive. It is only in the first order of one design, and you don’t have to pay again for next orders of the same design.
  • Unit Cost: it is all different for different designs, size, quantity and technology. For the same design, Hard Enamel >Soft Enamel >3D Die Struck > Printing > Die Casting
  • Shipping Cost: If they say it is FREE SHIPPING, it means the shipping is added in other parts of the whole cost.

Anyway, different company has different cost for one same design, size and quantity product, you can ask for the details of the price composition and check if there are hidden cost for the whole process or reorder.

Our company UNIQ always give the details of the cost, so that you will know where the cost is used and how it is calculated. Clear, Simple And no Hidden Cost.

  1. Full Control the Process

That is the advantage of factory, as direct manufacture, we know exactly how long your order will be made right when the order is confirmed in UNIQ. And our production is 7-15 days base on your order details.

  • Before Production: After the order is confirmed, we can make the free version of how your pin badge will look like from front and back. It is almost the same with the real product so that you can double confirm and have an idea.
  • During Production: As all the production is in the process, we don’t share pictures during for all the process. Cause it would be too many pictures and sometimes it has misleading of the product. But if you need, we can share with you.
  • Shipping: After production, UNIQ has a cooperated forwarder to deal with all the shipping process. We only use Express for small parcels and sea shipping for big cargo. The tracking number will be given right after it is sent, so you can track it then.
  1. Quick And Perfect After-Sale Service

UNIQ has 7 days working and no weekends, and shift holidays. So don’t be surprised when we reply very soon.

As UNIQ products have convince many pin store owners, designers, and illustrators, you don’t have to worry about its quality at all.

We can confirm you 100% qualified before shipping out.

For any defects, we do 100% refund.

For UNIQ, experts of customer enamel pins, what we do is to save your cost for your purchasing, instead of only the product.

Most customers choose us not only for the price, but also for the good quality product and best service always. As they have nothing to discuss with their supplier, UNIQ will handle all the process. What they do is only to expand their enamel pins business with their customers.

If you are looking for enamel pin supplier, why not have a try? unilapelpin@gmail.com

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Our company Shanghai Uniq Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of custom enamel pins, keychains, coins, medals and related products.

If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours.


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